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Eat Irresp onsibly

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Bandit Buttermilk Chicken Waffle
Bandit Jameson Special burger
Bandit Surf n Turf burger
Bandit Chicken Donut burger

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Bandit burger

A bandit doesn’t live by rules and is one who challenges conventions.

This is what we want to do with Bandit, from our specialty meals to the Eat Irresponsibly tagline. Our food is innovative and challenges our customers’ taste buds, yet we would never innovate without adding any substance. We innovate in the way we combine ingredients and are always ready to take that extra risk as long as it adds to the flavor be it a beef patty between two sugar coated donuts or a chicken thigh dipped in Krips. We would never innovate in the way the food is presented just for the sake of looking different. It must taste different.

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